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Grover Norquist’s Unreported Anti-Israel Connections

Republican insider Grover Norquist has close, previously unreported ties to Palestinian, anti-Israel activists: professional and family connections that stretch back decades that have been unknown until now because Norquist himself doesn’t appear to have ever discussed them.


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Season One

South Dakota Is Scared

South Dakota is a big state with a small population: the place where Midwestern Nice meets the rugged West. But it’s also consistently ranked as one of the most corrupt states in all of America. Season One of Brought to Light digs up the story of that corruption and how it’s impacted the people and politics of South Dakota.

People in South Dakota are scared. They’re kept in the dark about a lot of the stories I’ll be telling you about in the next few episodes and afraid to speak out against the abuses of power that they know are happening.

Season One | Episode One

Two Nightmares

I spent five months in South Dakota in 2014. I love the state, I made some great friends there but I also found a shockingly corrupt political culture that’s been able to flourish virtually unchallenged by the media.

In this episode, we’ll begin to examine what happened to one political candidate who did speak up. Annette Bosworth facing a possible prison sentence…and the maybe the end of her career as a doctor, too. Find out why…

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Episode Two: The House of Horrors

In this episode, we’ll dig deeper into the story of Dr. Annette Bosworth, the would be Senate canidate who’s about to go on trial and faces 24 years in prison for alleged petition fraud.

And we’ll start to unravel an especially awful case of child abuse that’s been ignored by the South Dakota media where a man named Richard Mette committed years of sexual assaults and was sentenced to 15 years.

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