The whole thing seems upside down. 

  • Why did the admitted child rapist Richard Mette get 22 of the charges dropped against him and why did his wife Wendy Mette get every single charge – all 11 of them – dropped the against her?
  • How did prosecutor Brandon Taliaferro and child advocate Shirley Shirley – the people trying to help the victims and trying to prosecute Richard and Wendy Mette –  get arrested? They could have ended up in prison for forty years if the state’s case hadn’t been thrown out by the judge.
  • Why is South Dakota’s Attorney General Marty Jackley so personally involved that he testified just a couple of weeks ago to try and keep Taliaferro from being able to clear his name?
  • And why does almost nobody in South Dakota know the details of this story?

The child rapist and his wife get all but one charge against them dropped. and the Attorney General goes after the prosecutor and the children’s advocate.

How did this happen? Find out on this episode…