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Kayla Weis is a foster parent in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Last Friday, she attended the local Lincoln Day dinner where Attorney General Marty Jackley was a speaker. Kayla had been reading our coverage about the Mette Rape Scandal and decided to ask her elected public official about what we’d been reporting.

She spoke to the Attorney General and then exercised her First Amendment rights and wrote about her conversation on the Dakota Reporter Facebook page. She left a comment:



Then, just days later she got a phone call…

The regional office of the Department of Social Services called to say they wanted to talk to her about her foster care license.

This is part of a pattern. As former DCI agent Mark Black told us two month ago: “In the state of South Dakota, you don’t question the Department of Social Services. If you do, the Attorney General will crush you.”

But if you don’t stand up, this will keep happening.

Governor Dennis Daugaard’s office number is (605) 773-3212.

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