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I’m highlighting this section of the testimony of Bosworth campaign attorney Joel Arends in a few parts because I really want it to sink in.

According to his own testimoney, Joel Arends intentionally manipulated his client Annette Bosworth into retracting a statement she’d publicly made defending herself on accusations of wrongdoing by withholding informaion from her that he had a duty to reveal.

This section of the testimoney is Arends being questioned on the stand by Bosworth’s criminal attorney Dana Hanna about his conversation with attorney Jeff Beck.

Here’s the background you need to know.

Joel Arends Was Aware Of Petition Controversy & His Role

On April 1st, blogger Cory Heidelberger posted on his blog Madville Times that he had challenged Bosworth’s nominating petitions.

In the formal compaint filed on April 1st, Heidelberger singled out attorney Joel Arends for criticism and possible legal action, writing:

Joel Arends notarized Petition sheets 44 and 192. Arends helped organize and publicize Bosworth and Haber’s medical mission trip. Arends knew Haber and Bosworth were out of the country during dates included on the petitions on which he notarized Bosworth’s and Haber’s false circulator’s oaths. Arends thus misused his notary seal in support of the Petition, casting doubt on the validity of all Petition sheets notarized by Arends. All sheets notarized by Arends should be rejected. Rejecting all sheets notarized by Arends leaves only 1,402 signatures, not enough to qualify Bosworth for the ballot.

On April 2nd, the Argus Leader published a story about the petition challenge that quotes Arends:

Bosworth’s lawyer, Joel Arends, dismissed Heidelberger’s challenge.

“A brief look at Mr. Heidelberger’s challenge to Dr. Bosworth’s petitions exposes wild leaps of reasoning, as well as legally insufficient and petty attempts to invalidate the signatures of actual South Dakota residents in an effort to disenfranchise them from the democratic process,” Arends said in an email. “The Bosworth campaign is confident that its petitions will pass muster and substantially comply with South Dakota election law and administrative regulations.”

The Argus Leader reported on April 5th that Arends was the point man on the petition controversy.

Patrick Davis, Bosworth’s campaign manager, said Arends would be Bosworth’s official spokesman on the petition challenge.

Arends Knew Bosworth Faced Possible Criminal Charges

On April 6th, Attorney General Marty Jackley’s office contacted Arends to say his office was investigating possible criminal charges.

On April 7th, Arends contacted attorney Jeff Beck. (This date is mentioned by Beck in his testimon.)

The audio tells more of the story. It is excerpted but not edited.

To Be Continued…