In part one, Joel Arends testified about his phone conversation with attorney Jeff Beck.

In part two, Joel Arends testified about his undisclosed conflict of interest and the retraction he wrote for Annette Bosworth.

Now listen to attorney Jeff Beck’s side of the story: his complete testimony, which revolves around his conversation on April 7th, 2014 with Joel Arends.

You’ll note how aggressive the prosecution is with Beck: essentially threatening him with not reporting a crime for his statements about Joel Arends.

However, you’ll also hear the aggressive prosecution cross examination backfires and Beck reveals something crucial. As they push Beck about the idea that if thought Arends had done something illegal or unethical, he reveals he tried…

Attorney Beck testified that called the commission for advice filing a complaint about Arends.

This is a verifiable fact that would corroborate Beck’s claim that he thought Arends had acted unethically and possibly illegal.

Here’s that dramatic excerpt:


More on this later. For now, listen and make up your own mind.